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love message

and i

basslinekagamine started following you






Oblivious to the other’s musing, he heads for a bench directly beneath a tree. His hands and lips are stained blue from the ice cream, and he shoots the other a grin with teeth the color of the sky. “This isn’t so bad, is it?”

-He laughs quietly- No. -He follows him to the bench and sits on the back corner of it, one of his feet on the seat and the other dangling off the end.-

“See?” Kaito leans back and looks out to the playground, amused by the children running around, playing. “You seem to be feeling better, at least.”

-He forces a smile- I guess.

Oblivious to the other’s faked happiness, he sighs with relief. “That’s good, then.” He continues to watch the children, not quite sure what to say.

-He avoids telling Kaito what he intended to as long as he can, now simply people-watching.-

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