y u so uber

dear shossexyface

i love how you tag not twewy as not twewy

i really do omg it amuses me for some reason



What are all you blokes up to at this time of day?

"Hey! Heyheyhey hey hey! Guy! What’s a bloke?"



“I am a little lost.. And I look for a ice-cream seller.”

She didn’t know this city, thus she had followed the adult to ask for help.

” Really? An ice cream seller? Well, I have plenty of ice cream back at my house,” Kaito smiled.

"I wouldn’t go if I were you."

i ship you all with me



no i like tic tacs

but that flavor i had

is weird

well there’s lots of flavors of tic tacs

like orange and stuff 

i hate orange

it was this



i don’t know what it’s called but it’s blue and

uh the orange is okay but it’s not my favorite

i like spearmint best




“Why is everyone still naked?”

"Because I like the breeze! Is there something wrong with that?"

(( omg Piko 434 notes I feel so accomplished

It makes me feel like I don’t suck ))

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